You’re going down, Mr Zahid Hamidi. I promise you that

For the past few years, many of you have either known me as Raggie Jessy or referred to me as The Third Force. Why I choose to call myself The Third Force is a surface I scraped a couple of weeks ago via the article “Zahid Hamidi must resign as UMNO president or risk humiliation (Part One).” Still, some are probably wondering what gave me the right to deliver Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi an ultimatum to either leave UMNO or suffer my wrath. For that matter, there may be those of you out there who’re eager to know why UMNO’s leadership would be a matter of concern to me when I am not even a member of the party.

I’m guessing that these concerns have, at some point or other, crossed your minds. For instance, some of you may have asked “what the heck’s gotten into this Raggie Jessy fellow” while others may have wondered “who the hell does he think he is.” Rest assured, these questions and others like them are questions I’ll address very soon pending the outcome of some ongoing discussions. Suffice to say, Zahid was and still is on the brink of bringing UMNO to a total collapse in a bid to prevent himself from going to jail.

And I can assure you, he will.

Still, whether or not he does end up going to jail is the least of my concerns this very moment. It is, because no matter what happens, nothing changes the fact that the UMNO we once knew died long ago and was buried by Dr Mahathir Mohamad himself. The version that suffered defeat during the 14th general election (GE14) was a version Mahathir created in 1988. When Pakatan Harapan emerged victorious on the 9th of May 2018, leaders from this ‘new’ version were left licking their wounds and have yet to figure out precisely where the pulse of the nation is.

And believe me, they’re not going to find it at all.

They’re not, because Mahathir successfully nurtured in them a culture of egotism that gradually became the “UMNO way” as the years progressed. On the 10th of September 2018, I wrote:
“During Razak’s era, UMNO was still UMNO. It was all about the welfare of Felda settlers (who I’ll speak more about in an upcoming article) and the elimination of race identification through economic function. When Mahathir came, he turned it into UMNO Sdn Bhd and made the party a subsidiary of Mahathir Incorporated. He knew that the aristocrats were too rich and accustomed to principles of “arbitrary authority” and “succession by kinship” to be bothered with the Young Turks. He felt that the party’s younger echelons needed to be corrupted to a point that they would worship money more than they would the aristocrats.”
The young Turks were already discussing behind the late Tunku ways to transform UMNO into a crony-capitalist concern. When Mahathir became premier, he stuffed their coffers with ill-gotten wealth and latched them on to the coattails of his cronies. As the years went by, they were no longer the nationalists the Malays once knew but greedy warlords who ‘killed’ one another just to shine their own stars. They ended up turning money into their ‘new’ King and paid very little attention to the existing Monarchs.

Yes, money became King.

As a matter of fact, it became the currency they would use to decide who got to be who and who was who. It was the language the rank and file would identify with when dealing with the question of loyalty. The younger generation was fast to learn the language on the pretext of it being necessary to serve the Malays and ended up serving members of their kin instead. Perjuangan Melayu quickly became a catchphrase they abused and raped whenever a party or general election loomed near. By GE14, UMNO was so out of sync with the people, that even Lim Kit Siang could have given its leaders a better idea of what the kampung pakcik or makcik truly aspired.

So why screw Kit Siang?

Seriously, why all the brouhaha about Kit Siang being the guy who masterminded UMNO’s demise when Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is himself consorting with Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the man who planted the seeds of destruction? And even if I did have the means to bring about the collapse of Pakatan Harapan, why would I want to see to it that the coalition crumbles? Tell me, why would I want to risk bringing into power some egotistical freak named Zahid Hamidi who is bound to bring us back to square one in no time at all?

This one’s on you, Zahid.

Raggie Jessy


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