Don't be distracted by Umno-PAS rhetoric, Ambiga advises Harapan

Pakatan Harapan should not be distracted by the Umno-PAS alliance's rhetoric, said former Malaysian Bar president Ambiga Sreenevasan.

She said the coalition should instead concentrate on promoting the agenda for reconciliation, harmony and uplifting the economic plight of the rakyat.

According to Ambiga, the reason behind the new alliance is to reclaim power at any cost.

“The constitution means nothing to them,” she added in response to a tweet from DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang's political aide and lawyer Syahredzan Johan.

Syahredzan had highlighted the possibility of an exclusively Malay-Muslim government in the future.

He pointed this out with regard to BN secretary-general Nazri Abdul Aziz's statement that the formal collaboration between Umno and PAS meant the end of the BN multicultural spirit, which the coalition was founded upon.

In an earlier Twitter posting, Ambiga said she “did not die of shock” over the PAS-Umno alliance announcement.

“Anyway, it is entirely within their rights. Harapan should focus on national reconciliation to take Malaysia to greater heights and make it globally competitive,” she added.

PAS and Umno's alliance comes in the wake of their successful cooperation in two by-elections, Cameron Highlands and Semenyih, which witnessed a swing in Malay support for the BN candidates.

The two parties have been pushing the narrative that Harapan does not safeguard the interests of the Malays and Islam.

Tomorrow, BN would hold a supreme council meeting to discuss its future following MCA and MIC indicating that the two parties might exit the coalition in view of Umno's ties with PAS.

Meanwhile, PKR supreme council member Gan Pei Nei (above) said what is transpiring now is similar to the modus operandi after the 2008 general election when the then opposition pact made significant electoral gains.

“Back then in the state governments controlled by Pakatan Rakyat (Harapan's predecessor), the leaders will be attacked almost on a daily basis along the lines of race, religion and royalty.

“We must realise that the propaganda will continue and retaliate together as 'Bangsa Malaysia',” she added.


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